MY LIVE Adventures Pte Ltd Terms and Conditions

1. Terms and conditions


Terms and conditions may be amended after periodical review and shall be applicable to all our services made available on our website including emails and telephone communications. Using of our services will mean you have acknowledge, agree and understood our terms and conditions.


All the content in the website are owned and operated by MY LIVE Adventures Pte Ltd, the usage of our website and its services are subjected to the terms and condition stated below.


2. Definitions


2.1. “MY LIVE Adventures”, we, us and or our means MY LIVE Adventures Pte Ltd a private limited company incorporated under the laws of Singapore.


2.2. “Operator”, supplier and affiliate means the companies or individuals that provide and list products and services on our website. Operators can be a company or individual that runs and manage adventure trips or services.


2.3. “Advertiser” and partner means companies that engage MY LIVE Adventures to advertise products and services on our website.


2.4. “User” means the end consumers or customers that sign up to be a member of MY LIVE Adventures website including our social media and booking platform services; to interact, search and make bookings.  


2.5. “Social media platform” means the part of our website where Users sign up as members to create content and interact with each other. This interaction includes sharing links, public updates to a profile, including information on current activities and location data, sharing photos, videos and posts, commenting on the photos, posts, updates, videos and links shared by others.


2.6. “Booking platform” means the part of our website where adventure Operators list their products and services for Users of our website to enquire and book. All products and services listed on booking platform are owned, controlled, managed and maintained by respective Operators. MY LIVE Adventures Pte Ltd shall have the authority for regulating all operators’ listings to ensure relevance and accuracy.


3. Scope of service


3.1. Social media service


The social media service provides an online platform for Users to sign up. The platform allows User to; create personal profile, communicate with other Users, create content, share web links, upload photos and videos of adventure trips and book adventure trips on our booking platform. Users can create groups or communities within the platform to plan and organise adventure trips. Advertisers and Operators can advertise relevant products and services to Users.


3.2. Booking service


The booking service provides an online platform for adventure Operators to list their products and services to Users of the website. Users of the website can book adventure trips via the platform. By making a booking through MY LIVE Adventures, you enter into a legally binding contract with the Operator of which the service you purchase. Upon confirmation of booking, MY LIVE Adventures will solely be an intermediary between you (the User) and the Operator; and will send details of your booking to the Operator and a confirmation email to you on behalf of the Operator.


All information on the booking platform are provided by the Operators, as such the Operators are given access to the website and shall be fully responsible to ensure all information such as trip itinerary and price are up to date and accurate.


We will perform our due diligence in operating and maintaining our website and services, but we will not verify if, all information is accurate, nor can be we held responsible for errors such as typographical errors, interruptions such as disruption of service due to breakdown, maintenance or upgrading to our platform and misleading information on booking prices or services provided. Each Operator shall be responsible at all times to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information displayed on our website. MY LIVE Adventures does not provide recommendation, rating or endorsement to any of our Operators. All recommendations, ratings and rankings are based solely on Users’ review.


4. Collection and usage of data and information


MY LIVE Adventures collects data including; personal information you provided to us during sign up, booking history, transaction history, communication between you and Operator, IP address and the date and time you accessed our services. The data collated will be used for website improvement, trend analysis, marketing and promotions. By accepting to receive our notifications, we shall have the right to send you periodic updates on information, news, events, offers, products and services. When making a booking through our platform we and the Operators shall have your permission to send you message and documents via email relating to the booking transaction. All information published on our website that are provided by both Operators and Users such as product information, trip review, blogs, Users and Operators information shall be the properties of MY LIVE Adventures Pte Ltd.


5. Registration and cookies


When you register an account with us all information submitted such as but not limited to full name, profile picture, date of birth, address, credit card data etc. will not be stored at our side. Should you apply your credit card information such data will not be stored by our side but at the payment gateway service provider used by our Operators. Any transaction is between you and the Operator, we are solely a facilitator in the process of providing an online marketplace platform.

MY LIVE Adventures shall be excluded from any liability caused by the Operator and their chosen payment gateway provider in storing your credit card information.

By creating an account with us you are giving us the permission for online communication including allowing us to send notifications on news, events and promotions etc. You can at any time unsubscribe from our notifications.

MY LIVE Adventures may use cookies on our website. Cookies are a feature within your internet browsing software and store data about the use of websites on your computer and we may make use of such information.

6. Operator Listing


Our booking platform is open for adventure Operators to sign up. Operators shall provide accurate and complete information about their company and we shall conduct a verification check on the company prior to providing Operator the access to our booking platform. We reserve the rights to grant or remove any Operators from our website depending to the verification outcome.


6.1. Free account


Signing up as an Operator with us is free. Once the operator company information had be verified to be accurate, the Operator will be given access to our website to upload their products and services. Operator will not need to pay for listing their product and services, a small commission will be charged only when a booking is confirmed.


6.2. Premium account


Signing up for Premium account will require an annual fee payable to MY LIVE Adventures Pte Ltd. All the benefits provided in the free account remains, but we will provide premium account member additional services such as product marketing and promotion direct to our Users based on their personal profile and travel history, as well as trend and data analysis on specific market segments.


7. Listing price and price amendments


Listing price may vary depending on seasons and demand; Operators shall have the rights to make amendments to the price of their product and services, Users may experience change in product pricing after booking confirmation is complete.


8. Payment and fees


MY LIVE Adventures do not charge Users for using its services. Payment of products and services is made directly to Operators. The method of payment is dependent on Operators. Different Operators will have difference payment options, the selection of payment method will be stated on the product booking information. User will need to read the Operator booking policy.  


Listing of products and services is free for Operators, MY LIVE Adventures will charge Operator a small fee based on a percentage of the total booking price. The fee will be charge to the Operator only after the trip is completed.


8.1. Currency and exchange rates


All prices on our website are listed in USD. The website local currency conversion shown is a reference and final transaction amount charged in local currency by your bank may vary slightly from the amount shown when making the purchase.


8.2. Banks and payment gateway charges


Payment gateway charges may vary and the charges will be bear by the Users and Operators for every transaction made.


9. Privacy Policy


MY LIVE Adventures respects your privacy. Please have a look at our privacy policy for further information. (Refer to Privacy Policy)


10. Deposit, cancellation and refund


All booking policies are determine by our Operators. All policies are shown on the booking page for each product and service. Users must read, agree and accept the policies prior to booking.


10.1. Deposit


Some Operators may require a deposit for booking confirmation. The deposit amount and mode of payment shall be determine by the Operator and must be clearly stated on the booking page.


10.2. Cancellation and refund


Operators are free to determine their cancellation and refund policy for their products and services on our booking page. You will need to read, agree and accept the policies prior to booking. On booking confirmation an email will be send to you and the Operator. If the Operator has to cancel a booking, we will inform you of the cancellation and the Operator will refund back to you any payment that had been made within 30 days.


11. User reviews and ranking


You will receive a request for a review of your trip experience and the Operator service upon completion. Your review is important to help the Operators to improve on their products and services. The Operators’ products and services will be rank according to the post trip review.


12. Liability


MY LIVE Adventures will makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that the products and services listed are of reasonable standard and accurate to the listing by the Operators. The products and services listed on our website shall not be taken as a recommendation from us and we are not a representative of any Operators. You shall be responsible in deciding what activities are suitable for you and we will not be liable if the Operator’s product and service is not suitable for you.


Using our Website you shall acknowledge and accept that MY LIVE Adventures shall not be liable to you if Operators, banks and payment gateway services add service charges, taxes or other miscellaneous expenses in addition to the already paid amount at our booking page. Such disputes shall be taken against the Operators and not MY LIVE Adventures.


13. Changes to terms and conditions


MY LIVE Adventures shall reserve the rights to make changes to the terms and conditions at any point of time. The changes shall take immediate effect at the time of your visit to the website.


14. Disclaimer

MY LIVE Adventures Pte Ltd shall not be liable or responsible to you for any loss or damage suffered, paid or incurred due to any shortcoming of our service obligations in connection with these terms and conditions.