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  • We are NOT a travel agent and neither do we care to be.
  • Our idea of adventure does not involve city tours, sampling local cuisines or looking at mountains from a 5 star hotel room window.
  • Our definition of adventure will require you to climb, trek, run, cycle, ski, swim, dive, paddle, surf, and even fly.
  • We will <span class='red'>♥</span> you to journey with us.

Words from founder

My first mountain climbing experience was painfully miserable.

Cold, short of breath and feeling light headed. Every 10 steps felt like I’ve ran a mile. All I can see is a trail of headlights in front of me leading to the summit. My mind was blank throughout the climb except for putting one foot in front of the other till I stand on the very top.

When I reached the summit the view was magnificent and despite the physical exhaustion the first thing that came to my mind was, which mountain I am going to climb next. I had climbed many mountains since and every mountain is a different experience. The goal is not to stand on top of the mountain but the next.

Being in the mountains had helped me realized that material comfort is not a necessity to achieving happiness but a hindrance.

I can live with far less and be happier. Time is a precious commodity and we had spent it pursuing material wealth.

The things that are worth spending your time, effort and money on are the adventures you had dream of going.

So what’s stopping you?

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